Project Description
An opinionated ORM built on ASP.NET MVC and LINQ. The goal is to pick up where LinqToSql left off. The goal is simplicity built on an IQueryable engine with a focus towards detached scenarios.
Short Overview (~7 min)
Overview video (~7min)

dotNails is:
  • An attempt to capture the same philosophy of simplicity and convention that Rails gives to Ruby, only for .NET
  • A WPF AddIn for Visual Studio
  • An ActiveRecord ORM built on LinqToSql (currently)
  • A full CRUD MVC C# scaffolding generator
  • An open source project that needs talented help and feedback

dotNails does:
  • Extend LinqToSql significantly
  • Full sync from database
  • Many-to-Many relationships
  • Self-referencing joins
  • Detached scenarios (set an ID on an entity, set some properties, call Save - no need to fetch from database first)
  • Maintain full IQueryable results
  • Generate controllers and Views
  • Paging in scaffolded Index view
  • Sorting in scaffolded Index view
  • Allow mocking of entities

dotNails will:
  • Allow isolated testing of model business logic
  • Handle server-side and client-side validation
  • Update entity audit columns


Code Snippets:

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